3D MTP is a startup company enabling 3D printing of CAD models. The company offers a unique, innovative and patent-pending software service that makes every CAD model 3D printable

3DMTP was founded by a group of software entrepreneurs who identified an unmet need for automating and optimizing the creation of 3D CAD scale models using 3D printing technologies.

Architects have always used scale models to communicate their concepts and designs to clients. Scale Models have become an effective tool used by developers and architects in the highly competitive modern real estate industry. Such scale models were traditionally  done by experts, in a laborious, lengthy and expensive manual process. 

3D printing technology is more than two decades old. It enables to create 3 dimensional physical objects from computer design. While the technology is mainly used for rapid prototyping in the mechanical CAD and industrial design fields, its adoption for architecturalneeds is lagging. Current creation of 3D architectural models is usually performed manually. It is a slow, expensive and labor intensive process
requiring expertise, usually done by expert service providers. Much simpler and automated solution is required for mass adaption of 3D printing of architectural models.3DMTP’s revolutionary, patent-pending solution eliminated the need for cumbersome processing of architectural model in preparation for 3D printing.  The company’s proven technology has gained much interest among leading 3D printer manufacturers as well as large architectural service bureaus and architects worldwide.  

3DMTP employs highly skilled professionals, researchers in computational geometry, software developers and engineers. The core team previously developed and license technology to Objet Geometrics, leading 3D printers' manufacturer. The R&D team developed a break-through technology which manages to overcome the complex 3D printing challenges.
3D MTP platform successfully processed thousands of models.      


To make 3D scale models available to every architect, developer and designer while offering a competitive price. We are committed to provide a state of the art experience that will simplify and enable seamless execution of 3D CAD scale model creation.   

Business Opportunities 

We build partnerships with players in 3D printing industry. If you’re interested in discussing business opportunities contact us