Avigdor Petel, Model Maker

Physical model is known as the ultimate demonstration tool for real-estate projects, for marketing or project planning in the construction phase. Models for marketing sales show the customer his future house and shows the apartment and detailing in the best and most realistic way. Planning models help engineers, architects, builders and developers to make decisions and optimize the construction process in accordance with technical requirements that were discovered as a result of carefully planning the physical model.

Engineer or an architect who wants to examine a three-dimensional object sends it to a modelist to prepare a physical model from materials such as plastic, metal, ceramic and wood. The disadvantage of this technique is time and the need to preserve precision by hand. A real revolution in the production model is the integration and understanding that together we complete each other in the ability to produce a model within a few days that is 70% a finished product, thus allowing the model builder to work on a number of models at the same time.

Avigdor Petel, an architectural model builder at different scales, established S.A studio for models in 1980, and has since gained decades of experience in producing models. Now Avigdor discovers the wonders of the new technology that enables him to produce a real estate project of a multi-story residential tower for marketing and presentation to potential customers. Avigdor decided to use three-dimensional printing and get his skeletal structure without any independent work in several parts ready for a personal touch which added elements of a development environment. Whole model is created in one third the time required to prepare a similar model. The project eventually amounted to a luxury residential tower at a height of 80 cm reflects the scale of 1:85. Avigdor actually saved weeks of work building the entire model, and took over the job.