MYS Architects (Moore Yasky Sivan)

MYS Architects is one of the largest, most prestigious and experienced architecture firms in Israel.

In this project was printed, with the Zcorp 450 three dimensional printer, a model of the roof stories in a high-rise residential building.The production process of this model was characterized by speed and exceptional quality, including color printing directly from the printer, so there was no need for any further processing later. Computerized project simulation was used as a starting point to print a 3D model, in this way PRINT3D system produced the roof stories and turned them into printable shapes including material properties .and color as expressed in the computer simulation.
This system printing benefits were expressed in resolving a number of difficulties that could not be printed directly without processing.When we came to print in a scale of 1:250, that reflects a residential tower model size of 40 * 15 * 15 cm we have solved issues such as:

  • Required model size that is larger than the print surface of the ZCORP 450 machine.
  • Technical issues as expressed in the outer walls (white cover) that exist in the computer simulation, does not allow printing without special adjustment.
  • Color formats and textures that exist in the computer simulation does not match the format that is used in 3D printing.
  • Elements that are not printable physically because of engineering problems.
  • Reduction and thinning of the elements to fit the scale in order to create an attractive model look.

The advantage of creating a model out of a 3D computerized file led to the construction of an automatic model, which includes a combination of color and material on building infrastructure. Color printing that is not more complicated and doesn't take more time than without colors, which leads to additional efficiency in creating the physical model and saving time processing manually, modeling and painting the model in a long process after that.

Why use 3D printing:
  • Printing a prototype of the building within hours allows to see the design in a physical way and prepare accordingly if changes must be received or because the planning is not sufficient.
  • Holding in your palm the newly planned colorful building gives a sense of reality and gives more information than a computer image.
  • Reduction in financial costs of building a traditional man made model
  • Identifying planning or design faults earlier
  • Ability to bring the entrepreneur, engineer, marketer, sponsor and potential customers - the realistic physical model