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Cutting Edge Algorithms Enable 3D Model Creation Like Never Before

The common CAD software tools are not able to communicate directly with the 3D printers in their “native language”. Most files sent for printing fail to print. In the few cases where 3D architectural models are printed properly, the designer must employ an expert to prepare the model files for printing, a long  process involving manual fixing of the model. 

Many printing issues are caused by changing the scale of the model significantly in order to print the model. So what’s new?

A Technological Breakthrough: 3D MTP Succeeds to overcome
the complex 3D printing challenges

After two years of intense research and development, 3D MTP launched a unique cloud - based software solution (patent-pending) allowing  models to be printed seamlessly from all  commonly-used CAD software without the need for any preparation.  

3D MTP introduces a set of innovative algorithms to solve the issues related with 3D model printing. The solution allows generating CAD models in any color, texture and scale in an accurate replication of the CAD design.   

How does it work?

The 3D MTP innovation is based on cutting-edge algorithms which study the geometric structure of the model and automatically generate a 3D printable file.    

3D MTP is cloud based and doesn’t require software installation. The algorithms automatically adjust the processing power  according to the complexity of the model, using cloud computing technologies and giving the user a personal management page where the processing and printing queue can be managed and monitored.

An additional software component, the 3D MTP Studio can be installed and used for complete control and advanced processing operations in addition to the web-based access method.

Reap the Benefits of 3D MTP

If you think that printing an CAD model is an expensive, lengthy and cumbersome process which usually fails, think again! 3D MTP revolutionizes the industry with an innovation which successfully creates accurate prints and combines multiple benefits: 

Enjoy Great Ease of Use 

With 3D MTP model printing is quick and easy. Automatically process any existing 3D design (from main 3D CAD software) and produce a format compatible for use by all 3D printers.


Reduce costs

Producing 3D models with 3D MTP more cost-effective than the manual production alternatives.

Save time

3D MTP technology dramatically reduces the duration of model construction from several days to hours! 


Enjoy modular production

The innovative 3M MTP solution enables you to cut the model and examine internal planning as well as the exterior layer.

Explore a new growth engine for your business! 

This new service already causes much interest and enthusiasm among service providers. 3D MTP is the only solution which fully meets the requirements of architects and enables ultimate delivery.